Getting Help (2 minutes).



Emuso comes with a built in help system of videos and user guides.  The videos are mainly fetched from the Internet, when first viewed, and when a newer version of a viewed video is found.

When help is activated, the buttons, icons and so on will present help about themselves, rather than carrying out their normal function.  However, it is possible to suspend help, without turning off the help system.  This is useful when reading a user guide, and want to try something out.  Suspended help can then be unsuspended.

What you will learn

You will learn how to turn help on and off, suspend it, unsuspend it, and how to resize the various help panes.

The help system

A video on the help system is available from the Help menu at the top of emuso.  When help is on, the “?” button at the bottom right of emuso activates.  To turn off help, press the activated  “?” button emuso.

The help panes that you see depend on whether the quick start has already been been placed in split-pane.  Turning help off sets the variou spanes back to where they were previously.

  1. Click on the “?” button and notice it changes to a light gray colour, meaning it is active.
  2. Click it again turn it off.
  3. The menu Help > Working with the help system (video) will bring up a help video, with the help system turned on.
  4. Use the menu to bring up the video.
  5. You can resize the various panes by left-dragging the various horizontal and vertical borders.  If needed, make the quick start as narrow as possible, and drag the horizontal borders upwards.
  6. Please wach the video.
  7. Click “?” button to turn help off.  Its panes are dismissed.

There are various user-guides as well, available from that same menu.  Choosing one will again activate the help system.

When using a user-guide, if you  type “H“, help is suspended, so you can click on buttons etc, and have them do their job,  Typing “h” unsuspends help.  When done, click “?” to dismiss the user guide.