Trying out vertical chord inversions


Last couple of days I’ve spent adding the ability to invert chord voicings across strings.  I love the end result.  Given me a load more ideas for my own playing (including melodic ideas).

Current restrictions

Vertical inversions across the strings is unsupported.
Currently chords can be inverted horizontally, using the key commands “,” COMMA and “.” PERIOD.
They can also be used with scale-aware inversion, by choosing a scale, and then selecting a voicing on the on-instrument, and then typing the number “2” to “7” for moving that chord to its equivalent in the scale, from a generic 2nd to a generic 7th above, or below.  The inversion itself occurs using the key command “[” or “]” to invert lower or higher along the strings.

Prototype fixing these.

I’ve changed the key commands, so that the Left and Right keys invert towards the nut or towards the bridge, on the same string set, and the Up and Down keys invert across the strings towards the treble string, or tyowards the bass string.  If the Up or Down inversion is impossible, it operates the same as Left or Right.  This means you can repeatedly press Up, and the voicing will make its way to each new string set as soon as it can, eventually ending up on the treble strings as near to the bridge as possible.

Video to come.

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