Know on guitar what

you hear in your head

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Build an solid connection between your ears, hands, eyes, and brain

Start with intervals

Develop foundational aural skills so you can workout tunes fast, play what you hear in your minds-ear, and solo confidently. Never underestimate how useful this is

Add chords

Recognise progressions from major and minor scales filtered by complexity (triads, sevenths etc)  and inversions.  Or identify your own choice of chords. With these skills you will save a lot of time on new tunes and take new ideas onto guitar without struggling.

Customise note range

Pick a central note and a range around it.  Choose a sound (bass often needs more practice).  Focus on different ranges to sharpen recognition skills

Learn, then sing

As you learn, see and hear the intervals and chords on your chosen instrument.  If you're not sure whay you heard, ask. Or watch each interval appear silently, and repeat with sound while you sing and check yourself.  This greatly improves your aural skills.  You'll get feedback so you can track where you have problems so you can focus on them.

In-built or custom sequences

In-built sequences are great for identifying intervals within a major or minor key. Or design your own. Compare each note against the central note (key centre) to turn your aural weaknesses into strengths

Then test yourself

Put the pressure on!  There's something very satisfying with testing and tracking your improvements.