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What is emuso? If you're looking to improve your improvisation skills, technique, or instrument familiarity while learning the inner workings of music... Look no further! Rapidly develop your confidence and skills in all these areas. See the big picture without clutter and build your musicality from day one. Emuso™ has no equal. It is Music's Ultimate Help System! Welcome! I

What is emuso?

emuso™ is a content player that is able to illustrate musical points and concepts using a straightforward, easy to comprehend visual framework. You will be able to “see” the notes on a clockface, fretboard or piano keyboard.

As well as guiding you through musical concepts in a way you have never seen before, this unique visual interface lets you create, save, share, interact and much more.

Interested in more than just the guitar? No problem.  You can translate between instruments.  In a single keystroke, the construct (chord, scale, interval) you are looking at can be shown on any other emuso-supported instrument.

Supported instruments include: Guitar, Piano/Keyboard, Cello, Viola, Violin/Mandolin.

Who is it for?

Regardless of experience or ability!  emuso™  has something for musicians of all levels, whether you are a hobbyist or professional, student or teacher.  But, emuso does not teach you how to play songs, note for note!  You learn the musical concepts used to put songs together.   This means you can explore improvisation and song creation, with less trial and error!

If you want to go beyond copying tunes parrot-fashion you can make use of emuso’s innovative music theory approach to expand your knowledge. Whether you want to understand how to improvise or compose music or you are striving to improve your current abilities to do so, emuso™ is for you.   With emuso, Music’s Ultimate Help System, join the global conversation that is music and feel confident doing so!

emuso™ is designed for Windows 10 and MacOS (10.12 up, x86), MacOS 11 (M1 and x86)

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