Frustrated Learning Guitar? Obtain the skills needed to master the fretboard, improvise like a pro and create great tunes!

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Do you want massive progress in less time?

Discover quick and effective ways to:

– Remember chords, scales, licks
– Master your fretboard
– Gain total musical freedom on guitar
– Understand note choice for soloing

Millions of musicians have problems here. It’s not your fault. It’s criminal.


Do you have challenges with poor technique or timing?

Truth is you won’t last long in a group if you suffer from these…

– Losing your place in a song or solo
– Bad timekeeping, or losing the beat
– Mis-picking notes. Poor muting.

And other technique mishaps

We’ve all been embarrassed by these. Focused practice really is the only answer!

Difficulties joining in on gigs? Working out tunes?

Ear training is part of your answer.

– Work out melodies and solos faster
– Connect you ears with your hands
– Work out what you hear in your head

Combined with interval-knowledge and their fretboard locations, you’ll be a gigging monster!


No rhythm ... no music. No audience. A Fact!

Rhythm is not just strumming chords. It is music’s beating heart.
You really can’t afford to ignore building rhythmic skills. Why? …

– Rhythm connects you and your audience
– Rhythm lets you solo much more imaginatively
– Rhythm is essential in phrasing, writing, soloing, and singing



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Don't just believe us!

Excellent! Really dig the reframing of theory as something to paint sounds with rather than as something that’s limiting. Aays
We've found emuso to be a real game changer with our students on the way how harmony and rhythm work together without having to use notation. Emuso really helps our students understand how to explore chord structures and rhythms. We heartily recommend this program to all of our students. Jon Eno, CEO Hot House Music School
This is banging, I think I have come closer to being a musician in the last week or so, then I have in the last two years. I am sure I am even playing better, I am definitely looking for more expectations and honing in on the notes that work. Dale Jeffrey
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